September 22, 2021

About Us

Our Founder


Under the inspired dynamic Leadership of our founder, Queen Charlotte, since 2019, UFCUSA is moving into new territories, building relationships and advocating in communities.  Charlotte is a unique leader that is born with an incredible gift of inspiration.  She lives to share the blessings of her gifts and talents with others.  She understands diversity being one that has traveled and lived abroad and she believes in the diverse  beauty of the nations of the USA.  She is an Award winner in Public Administration, Leadership and Inspiration.  She has excelled in her leadership and  inspiration abilities and is sought after many times over and has served in Leadership being Founder of Talent and Promotion Companies, Success/Life Coaching, Leading in Political Organizations, Chairing Committees in Community organizations, and an Award winner in Concept Development and the Customer Experience.


Our Story


We are United for Change USA (UFCUSA) a non-profit community organization advocating in communities for positive change.  We believe in the people of the USA and that uniting and coming together and working together that we can together build a better society.  We at UFCUSA since 2019 through faith has been on the move reaching the downtrodden and giving hope to many through our dire needs  services feeding the hungry, clothing assistance program, providing basic needs services, as well as our personal impact and chaplaincy services, career/jobs tools, temporary utilities, and temporary housing aid.  We are the (DIFFERENCE) there for those that need us the most during times of unplanned crisis situations.  We are caring for our neighbors, impacting lives, and empowering individuals, families, and communities, partnering in relations in community outreach with leaders, churches, other community organizations and businesses building better communities. 


Change Message


We at United For Change see the growing depressing conditions in our society and we are on the move for CHANGE.  We are a CHANGE MOVEMENT.  What’s happening now, (in the streets in our communities) people are hurting, have tragedies, no jobs, and many are homeless (on the streets). We are taking action for CHANGE.  We are being a “GOOD SMARITAN” responding to crisis situations sharing love and giving hope we are on the move for CHANGE.  Through faith we believe it is our time to be (The DIFFERENCE).  We are giving hope,  providing solutions to those in need and sharing love helping the less fortunate find solutions through our programs and services helping our neighbors to get back on track and live better lives.


Our Mission


Spreading hope and sharing God’s love with all people attending to and supplying assistance to basic needs dire needs assistance and temporary solutions for utilities and housing, addressing the downtrodden and others and aiding in temporary relief and impacting lives through our programs and services with faith.  We are engaged in creating positive change in our communities and building a better nation.  We gather solutions and render them with patriotism and pride to serve the USA.  We are Change Ambassadors doing God’s will in the earth.  We are Standing tall and strong for Change.

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