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Food Pantry

Hunger is a major issue in the U.S. touching countless communities. This is especially common amongst our future, children. Learn how we look to battle this issue.

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Closet for Change

Sometimes our appearance can play a major factor in ascending to our next stage of life. We want to help those that may have need. Check out how!

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Utilities Assistant

Keeping the lights on can sometimes be a hard thing to do. We strive to provide assistance to those truly in need. Click here to learn more!

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And More

Self Development & Chaplaincy, Temporary Housing Assistance, Job Search and Resume Writing.. we look to impact change in all facets of life. Learn how here!

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Our Founder

Learn more about our leader and impacting change agent!


Charlotte is a unique leader that is born with an incredible gift of inspiration. She lives to share the blessings of her gifts and talents with others. She understands diversity being one that has traveled and lived abroad and she believes in the diverse beauty of the nations of the USA. Learn more here!

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